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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
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  1. Nov 15, 2018
    Despite FM!'s brevity, Staples jams so much into every bar that it fully satiates, all while still managing to end so abruptly that it comes as a surprise. The electrifying thrill of FM! is a triumph for the rapper who remains at the top of his game.
  2. 83
    FM! features the rapper in his raw form and representing his love for the west coast. Whether you decide to hit play in chronological order or skip around, this album will have you bobbing your head at any point. FM! is a sunny day that not even being stuck in LA traffic can ruin.
  3. Nov 13, 2018
    Ultimately, Staples has added another colorful chapter to his chameleon-like catalog and reinforced his intention to keep evolving no matter what trends are dictating the current wave.
  4. Nov 2, 2018
    Vince is at ease here, intertwining his personality into his somber celebration of Long Beach like never before. He’s rapping his ass off, and hooks are mostly an afterthought. He dips in and out of inventive flows.
  5. Nov 14, 2018
    It’s hard to work out whether this is an album, an EP or a playlist, and at 22 minutes long it’s difficult to feel fully satisfied and does leave you wanting more.
  6. Nov 9, 2018
    With production duties primarily hot potatoed between Hagler and Kenny Beats, the beats and feel are consistent and strong while not getting in the way of Staples’ flow, which is elastic and modern without losing an inch of his clarity and bluntness.
  7. Nov 6, 2018
    Vince has managed to not only be acerbic but entertaining on his newest release. Its only drawback is its extremely short runtime.
  8. Nov 5, 2018
    While ‘Big Fish Theory’ saw the rapper centre stage, relentless and omnipresent, on ‘FM!’ he lets us tune in to a calmer world, one which he dips in and out of when he pleases, filling in the blanks and staying in the fast lane.
  9. Each idea is significantly different from the last and this latest album is an immersive look at the grizzly realities of millions.
  10. Nov 7, 2018
    As it stands FM! is little more than a placeholder--an interesting but self-indulgent sketch from an artist who could be creating masterpieces.
  11. Nov 15, 2018
    FM! might have personality, but it's of the more obnoxious and self-obsessed "Get the Fuck Off My Dick" variety, and there's simply not enough quality on display to justify its own brief and largely annoying existence. Next.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 68 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 59 out of 68
  2. Negative: 6 out of 68
  1. Nov 2, 2018
    Vince Staples goes for simple, fast, and chaotic on this one. Though it is not as epic or "good" in a traditional sense as Big Fish orVince Staples goes for simple, fast, and chaotic on this one. Though it is not as epic or "good" in a traditional sense as Big Fish or Summertime '06, it doesn't try to be. Instead, it grips your attention (something that certain portions of '06 failed to do), balances accessibility with intrigue well (something that Big Fish felt lacking in), and knows it's minuscule place in the world. It sets off to do something simple: to keep the listener invested and excited, and it achieves that very well.
    FM! is also a clear showcase of Vince's knack for irony, juxtaposing the overall theme of summer and fun with frantic, dark, bass-heavy production and harsh lyricism. The album is perhaps the most potent example to date of Vince's ability to meld accessibility with artistic value.
    Perhaps the most common criticism of the album is its length. However, what one must understand when listening to this album is that the short length was an intentional technique used by Vince to play to the album's strengths: simplicity and straightforwardness. Sure, just because it was intentional doesn't make it right, but FM! doesn't feel abrupt in the slightest. In fact, if it had been any longer, the listener most likely would have gotten sick of the chaotic and maximalist production and gang-related lyrics. What I would say is the albums greatest flaw is its overuse of hard-hitting, bass-driven beats. Vince seems to have had a lapse of his usual derivation from the norm in the making of this decision, and it hinders the potential of this album.
    In conclusion: NEWEARLSWEATSHIRT
  2. Nov 2, 2018
    Not as great as Big Fish Theory or Summertime '06, but it's still pretty damn good. This is a fun little banger of an album. It reminds me ofNot as great as Big Fish Theory or Summertime '06, but it's still pretty damn good. This is a fun little banger of an album. It reminds me of the immediacy of Pusha T's Daytona from earlier this year. I'm into it.
  3. Nov 6, 2018
    really fun listen, slaps top to bottom, gorgeous flow. vince is unstoppable

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