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  1. Sep 3, 2018
    Subset Games has delivered one of the tightest strategy games we’ve ever seen.
  2. Aug 30, 2018
    Subset games has achieved a mastery of the microdrama, and as such, Into The Breach is about as essential as indie games get.
  3. Sep 6, 2018
    I came in expecting a lot, and I actually got a lot more than I bargained for. This is one of the more captivating, tactical and rewarding games of 2018.
  4. Sep 6, 2018
    A strategic turn-based sensation. An almost perfect mechanism, assembled with inspiration and brains by a duo of designers who seem not to miss a beat.
  5. Sep 12, 2018
    Into the Breach feels even more at home on the Switch, since it’s not technically demanding and its campaign options cater to both long and short sessions alike. I’m glad I had an excuse to revisit it, because I nearly failed to recognize this gem as one of the year’s best and most addicting releases.
  6. Sep 4, 2018
    Into The Breach is a brutal, uncompromising game of making hard decisions and living with your mistakes, but the short length of battles and endless variety of playthroughs makes for an extremely addictive experience. Though the graphics are nothing special, the gameplay is some of the very best you’ll find in the strategy genre on the Switch, and we can easily recommend this to anybody who’s looking for an in-depth game that’ll make you think. Into The Breach feels right at home on the Switch, and whether you play more at home or on the go, you’re more than likely to get plenty of value out of this release.
  7. 90
    The basic gameplay itself doesn’t really change over the course of each run: guard buildings, kill Vek, and try not to die in the process. The randomized maps and objectives add variety, but you will need to appreciate the subtle changes that the islands undergo in each run. Undoubtedly, one of the best features of the game is unlocking new mechs and creating your own squads, and it is that element that will keep me coming back to the game. Hop into a breach and pick up this game yesterday, soldier. It’s Vek-hunting season.
  8. Aug 31, 2018
    Into The Breach is a fantastic example of how you can play around with an established genre. Taking turn-based strategy and letting you see what is about to happen changes everything about what would normally play out. The feeling of intellectual superiority you feel when you outsmart the aliens is incredible and will keep you playing through every loss you will experience. Best of all the bite-size maps fit onto the Switch so perfectly that the idea of playing it on a PC is absurd. This is a game made for a handheld, and damn is it good.
  9. Aug 30, 2018
    The game's UI and miniature battlefields, both of which scale incredibly well on different monitor resolutions, unsurprisingly make the transition to the Switch's handheld mode flawlessly. The visuals are sharp and readable, the loading times are instantaneous and on-par with the PC version, and the addition of controller rumble to accompany on-screen action serves as an enjoyable touch.
  10. Aug 30, 2018
    An almost perfectly formed strategy game, that hides near infinite variety and depth beneath its deceptively simple presentation.
  11. Aug 29, 2018
    Overall, Into the Breach is a truly stunning strategy game, and it's right at home on Switch. With just three units to control and short matches to contend with, it's easy to pick up and play wherever you are. The strategy mechanics are absolutely sublime, and the shift from outright victory being your objective to simply scraping by will have you scratching your head and questioning every decision. It can be tough going at times, both mentally and due to its high difficulty, but if you invest some time and energy into the game, you're going to get a lot out of it.
  12. Sep 27, 2018
    Into the Breach is an indispensable game for all lovers of turn-based strategy titles. With a magnificent soundtrack that will accompany us in each battle we will fight against the unstoppable Vek through continuous reboots of the timeline and different Mechas that we will unlock as we play.
  13. Sep 23, 2018
    Into the Breach feels like a board game in which you must control a squad of mech robots to defend the planet. With turn-based combat that is as challenging as it is deep, it offers tons of replay value thanks to its many unique squad layouts.
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  1. Sep 24, 2018
    A perfect turn based strategy game. The combination of short levels and replayability due to the mech squads is really well done. Beat IntoA perfect turn based strategy game. The combination of short levels and replayability due to the mech squads is really well done. Beat Into the Breach with 6 of the 10 squads.

    - The turn based gameplay was the perfect amount of challenge (on normal mode)
    - The mech squads I played with were all unique and well balanced
    - Nice upgrade system were weapon upgrades or power or movement all seemed viable to win

    - Again a switch con, but I would have beaten the game with each squad if there were achievements
    - Wish they had a buy back, I accidentally sold some weapons I didn't mean to
  2. Sep 3, 2018
    Being a huge tactical rpg and roguelike fan I wasn’t sure what to expect after the months of hype around this game. With it’s surprise dropBeing a huge tactical rpg and roguelike fan I wasn’t sure what to expect after the months of hype around this game. With it’s surprise drop last Tuesday during the Nintendo direct.

    Let’s see if this mech vs bug battle, truly lives up to the hype.

    Taking place in the future, you are commanding a three mech team trying to clear a group of islands of deadly overgrown creatures known as Veks. Beginning at one of four islands with a number of procedurally generated regions that you must recapture from the gigantic creepy crawlies. Each region is an isometric grid with buildings used to maintain your power grid and varying per level objectives, such as defend the power plant or kill 7 Veks. These objectives aren’t required but give you additional power or reputation points if you can complete them.

    These reputations points can be spent between islands to purchase different weapons or upgrades for your mechs, adding some tools to your repertoire to make you that much more of a formidable foe.

    Keeping the Vek away from your buildings can prove quite the challenging task as they will spawn from the ground every turn, when they do get destroyed it feels devastating as civilians die from your wrong decision. When actually getting a game over, you lose your progression but can keep one pilot for your next run, so if that pilots level up a bit you come into the next game with a little bit of an advantage.

    As you progress through the game you unlock new islands, which once unlocked can be played through in any order and scale difficulty depending how many islands have been defeated beforehand. As you defeat more islands or special objectives you earn coins which unlock new TROOPS of mechs for your to command. Each class being very different, really forcing you to learn and adapt in this brutal environment and I mean brutal.

    In the beginning of Into the Breach be prepared to die and die ALOT. Getting a solid understanding of this game will only come with many deaths, even as a seasoned tactical rpg player I have had my butt handed to me unexpectedly on many occasions. The moment you let your guard down be prepared to lose power, your mechs, and even your life.

    Acceptable losses
    Some of the decisions that i’ve made during a run of into the breach have taken so much time and thought that I’ve often caught myself just staring at my screen for ten minute periods of time. Weighing each option greatly as the consequences will affect you as such. If you carelessly make your decisions your run will be over before you know it. However, if you take your time and strategically chip away at the Vek, before you know you’ll be onto your next island and one step closer to your goal.

    As there are alot of different systems at work with Into the Breach it will take you some time before everything clicks. Each enemy has a different abilities, attack orders, and passive effects; when taken advantage of properly you can have enemies taking each other out. For you to truly succeed at this game you must understand what’s really important in each level. Yes it would be great to keep all of your mechs at full health, but as long as they survive, keeping your cities intact is really what counts. As you can sometimes get overwhelmed it’s important to keep a level head, take your time, and keep your eye are the goal. I’ve sometimes reminded myself of an old man staring at a chess board, the way I stop and strategize with this game.

    The game runs great on handheld and in docked, getting around 5 hours of battery life in handheld. However, using the joy con joy sticks I found the pointer would occasionally continue traveling when I released the joy stick, causing attacks to execute on the wrong space; and when the stakes are this high that can be quite disheartening.

    Into the Breach is a fantastic experience with life or death decision making that will have you on the edge of your seat as it unfolds. While this game is not for the faint of heart, those whom are willing to invest the time will be rewarded greatly for that effort. With fantastic gameplay, rewarding progression, and emotionally impactful decision making I can happily recommend this roguelike tactical rpg to any fan of the genre.
  3. Oct 27, 2018
    This is fun, addictive little strategy game. It's pretty over-rated, though, with a 9/10 critic average. Mario & Rabbids is a way better game.This is fun, addictive little strategy game. It's pretty over-rated, though, with a 9/10 critic average. Mario & Rabbids is a way better game. This is probably the second best strategy game I've played on Switch... I'm not big on turn-based games or strategy games generally. They have to be particularly good to attract my attention in the first place... Not sure how much I'll play this. It's not something I played once and then never went back to, but I can't see myself finishing it. There are much better games out there.